A versatile education

In Austria, the "gymnasiale Oberstufe" lasts 4 years, from grades 9-12. The Matura obtained at the end of the 12th grade is a diploma recognized in the entire European Union.

One of the great advantages of this "allgemeinbildende höhere Schule" (AHS) is that the students are not required to decide on a career path until the age of 18 and can then choose any desired course of study with the acquired General Higher Education Entrance Qualification. 

The current timetable is available here:

The mandatory subjects are supplemented by various optional subjects that every pupil can attend voluntarily. These currently include acrobatics, choir, orchestra, bell choir and the brass ensemble.

In the 11th and 12th grades (ORG 7 and 8), additional electives are offered, on topics of interest, which will deepen knowledge or practical skills.

Since the balanced education of body, mind and soul also includes practical manual training, pupils and students contribute to the maintenance and beautification of the grounds in various work projects. The school expects three hours of unpaid work per week from non-boarding students and five hours from boarding students.