A versatile education

The duration of study is four years. The certificate of matriculation, which is acquired at the end of the 8th grade (12th school year), has the same validity as the maturity test certificate of a same public Austrian school. Furthermore, since 1995, the certificate has been recognized throughout the European Union (EU).A great advantage of this general higher education (AHS) lies among other things. The fact that pupils only have to decide for their professional career at the age of 18. The offer of many short training programs (for example, the HAK or HTL College), excursions to professional information fairs, tips and computer inclination tests by the student adviser make it easier for students to make the right choice for their professional future.

The current hourly schedule is available here:

Optional Elective Courses

In the 7th and 8th grade (11th and 12th grade) additional electives are offered, on topics of interest, which will deepen knowledge or practical skills.

Non-binding exercises

Acrobatics, Choir, Orchestra, Bell choir, Wind ensemble

Practical work

Since the practical training of the body, the mind and the soul is also part of the practical work, students and students contribute to the preservation and improvement of the terrain in various work projects. The school expects three pupils from outside pupils, five working hours per week free of charge by schoolchildren.