Student time

The theology program is full-time (8 semesters or 4 years). It is divided into two equally long study sections of 4 semesters each:

  • Basic studies (1st to 2nd year of studies)
  • Main study (3rd to 4th year)

The total duration of the program is 240 ECTS. The student can also be extended on request.

Study sections

The first study section (4 semesters or 2 years) includes lectures of 120 ECTS, provided that Hebrew and Greek knowledge is not present. The successful completion of the first phase of studies entitles them to enter the second phase of the study.

The second phase (4 semesters resp. 2 years) also includes120 ECTS and is completed with a diploma examination.

Diploma examination

  1. Diploma examination takes place verbally before an examination commission.
  2. It consists of two interdisciplinary sub-examinations with the following focus: 
    • biblical theological competence
    • practical-theological competence
  3. The diploma examination is deemed to have passed if both parts have been positively assessed. Partial tests that have not been passed can be repeated after four weeks.
  4. The candidate will be awarded a diploma if passed.


Throughout the course, internships are held in various areas of practical theology.

For further information on the individual courses and compulsory subjects, see lectures