General knowledge

The Oberstufenrealgymnasium (ORG) with instrumental education, health education and manual training provides a comprehensive general education, which enables both the university degree and the professional training. The duration of the school visit is four years. The Gymnasium holds the right to publicity and the maturity test certificate, which is acquired at the end of the 8th grade (12th school year), is recognized throughout the territory of the European Union (EU). Various agreements between Austria and Switzerland also permit admission to study in all Swiss cantons.

One of the major advantages of this higher education school is the fact that pupils are only required to decide for their career at the age of 18. The offer of many short training programs (such as the HAK or HTL College), excursions to professional information fairs, tips and computer inclination tests by the student adviser make it easier for the students to make the right choice for their professional future.

Integration of faith and knowledge

Our educational philosophy is based on the fact that education is more than just knowledge transfer. Under the educational guidance of mentors, the adolescent should develop into a capable and responsible person. Thus, the teaching comprises an education connected with the Christian faith, in which faith and knowledge form a unity and complement one another. It is assumed that man represents not only a physical unity but, with his being, reaches into the spiritual. It is just as interesting to explore scientifically researchable problems and to ask questions about these things.

Instrumental lessons

The promotion of the musical-creative field is an important part of the general education. One of the best ways to create one's own musical taste is to actively engage in music. For this reason every student, who chooses the music program, learns an instrument or takes singing lessons. The following instruments are available: recorder, flute, violin, viola, violoncello, guitar, piano and organ. Further instruments are offered at the Musikschule Braunau and can be selected in consultation with the management.

In addition, instrumental teaching in the fifth and sixth grades is enhanced by an intensified theoretical part, in which the musical understanding is deepened by learning notes, auditory training and factory analyzes.

Participation in the school choir, school orchestra, brass ensembles, bell choirs or other musical projects is another way of actively making music and to making other people happy with like-minded friends.

Multicultural learning

The high school is primarily a boarding school. The campus also hosts a language institute where young people from other countries study German as a foreign language. What is so often required in society today is already a reality at Bogenhofen: the promotion of communicative competence through multicultural learning and multilingualism. One learns to understand classmates in their differentness. English almost takes the place of a second colloquial language. A student exchange with partnerships in the USA serves to deepen these language skills.


Since summer 2017, the ORG Bogenhofen has a new focus branch. Not all young people enjoy the music world combined with instrumental lessons. Anyone who wants to recognize or promote his or her strengths in the artistic and crafting sector is in the right place in the branch of work. Advanced lessons in Fine Arts and Manual Training take place over all four years. In addition, the elective subject Fine Arts for the last two classes can also be taken for special training.


As a Christian school, Bogenhofen has other important aspects, in addition to the creation of an academic foundation:
The small number of four classes and the life on the campus grounds allow the teaching staff to respond individually to the students' abilities and weaknesses. We strive to provide the students with a variety of opportunities for their intellectual development according to their abilities. We support positive work and determination through motivation and support.

We strive to create an atmosphere of respect and appreciation. This includes paying attention to the others, dealing with them responsibly and dealing with conflicts openly through constructive conversations. Teachers, through their constant willingness to communicate honestly, help students develop their character.

In this sense, students are to be educated towards self-employment in thought and action. They are supposed to learn to judge critically, to decide independently and freely. This autonomy, combined with a flexibility and openness of the spirit for new things, is the focus of our school.

The most important goal of a Christian education is the encounter with Jesus Christ. Anyone who wants to connect with Jesus or want to experience it has very good conditions in Bogenhofen. Daily devotions are an integral part of the school day. The young man is to be prepared for a life which by his service in this world corresponds to the Creator's purpose, but at the same time to a life in the future world of God. The worship services, prayer weeks and other spiritual highlights during the school year provide many opportunities for cultivating and experiencing clergy.

Another focus is the education of the social community. In contrast to today's individualism and media consumption it is necessary to rediscover the many lost values of the togetherness and to experience the adventure community again. The young person is therefore to be encouraged to place their talents and interests in the service of the community and thus to promote their own social competence (community service). In addition, practical work on the school grounds, as well as music, sports and play, should promote physical and mental health.

These objectives place a high demand on the management and teaching staff of the ORG Bogenhofen. The members of this team are fully committed to the fact that these educational goals can become a reality in their lives.