Austrian Language Diploma German (ÖSD)

The Austrian Language Diploma is a state and also internationally recognized examination system for German as foreign or second language, which is based on the level definitions of the common European reference framework. The ÖSD is the winner of the "European Label for innovative language initiatives". It offers the following examinations to learners from 16 years of age:

A1 – Elementary level 1 is a test for learners aged 14 and over who already have sufficient knowledge of German to communicate in simple situations of everyday life on an elementary basis. This examination is recognized in Germany as a language test in the framework of the spouse immigration law (German Immigration Act).

A2 - Elementary level 2 certifies the ability to lead and understand simple dialogues, or to record them in writing, and is a recognized proof of the required language skills for Austrian citizenship.

B1 certificate certifies the ability to understand native speakers and to describe everyday topics as well as some areas of interest and interest orally or in writing.

B2 - Intermediate level certifies the ability to discuss, understand, and present more complex topics spontaneously and fluently. The intermediate level of German is recognized as a proof of German language skills at admission to Austrian as well as at many German and Swiss universities.

C1 - High level is recognized as a proof of German language skills in the course of admission.



Since 2001, Bogenhofen has been a licensed ÖSD examination center. The letters stand for Austrian language diploma German or Austria, Switzerland, Germany. The fact that the students in Bogenhofen have contact with native speakers from all three countries guarantees an optimal preparation.

For further details please visit the website of the ÖSD.