An overview of the campus

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Here we have compiled a few pictures with short descriptions of the most important buildings on our site.


The castle Bogenhofen was at the turn of the 18./19. Century in the style of the fading Empire. Today, on the ground floor next to a small guest apartment are a classroom and the ORG-management. Four further classrooms and the conference room are located on the first floor. In the attic, guest rooms have been furnished.

Girls dorm

In 1987 the girls' dorm was built. It has 24 double rooms and 4 single rooms (all with shower and WC) as well as two apartments and four small apartments. On the lower floor of the house there is the library and a small kitchen. In addition, the girls dorm has two meeting rooms and a devotional space.

Boys dorm

Our boys dorm was completed in September 1990. It comprises 27 double rooms (with shower and WC) as well as five student apartments and a employee apartment on the top floor.
On the ground floor are the auditorium, two classrooms, a fitness room, a small kitchen and a laundry and drying room.


The construction of our (old) chapel dates back to the year 1967. It is a multi-purpose building with classrooms for German, art and natural sciences on the ground floor and the former church service on the first floor, which is now used for devotions, meetings and other events.


In September 2003 the new church was opened after several months of construction. It is a multifunctional building that can accommodate about 450 people. It is also home to our 8-level elementary school


From the former factory of OPTIMO, the dining room was added in 1978, to which a very popular terrace has now been added. The "old" cafeteria came into the years and was demolished in February 2009. In the same place a new cafeteria with integrated administrative building was built in 2009.


The former Burschenheim is today called PICKHARDTEUM - in reference to Manfred Pickhardt, who spent ten years as a boys dean and worked much longer as  music teacher and organist. Today, music practice rooms are housed here.

On the ground floor there is the "Saftladen", a popular place for our students and students, as well as for the conference participants. Next to the "Bogi Shop" by Andy Nusime.

In the annex, completed in 1954, there are three apartments for teachers and employees.


The good old "farm" (1952) has long since been used as a stable building, but now the Today there is the laundry and carpentry housed there, in the front part is an apartment, which was completely renovated in 2007 by hardworking students.

Teacher house

In this building there are apartments for teachers and lecturers.

Crispy house

In 1953, a teacher 's home was built by students and students, close to the edge of the forest, and was soon described as a "crispy house" due to its fabulous location surrounded by forest and gardens.