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Welcome at Oberstufenrealgymnasium Bogenhofen

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If ...

  • You are not indifferent where you push your school bench,
  • You are interested in a well-educated education, which is recognized throughout Europe,
  • You want to be individually promoted to prepare you for your professional life,
  • You want to meet people who still live and represent a living faith in God today,
  • You seek an atmosphere of respect and appreciation in the school day,
  • You are important to friends with whom you can live door to door,
  • You are interested in questions of faith in God and his Word,
  • You can imagine learning or deepening an instrument,
  • You can get used to multicultural learning and language travel abroad,
  • You want to participate in various sports activities and sensible leisure activities,
  • You have humor,

... then you will find information on these pages that will make you aware of a education course that is a little different. Perhaps you should look at this school once close up. I would be happy to meet you personally.

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MMag. Heinz Schaidinger, MT, MA

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