Education & Encounter


  • We offer a comprehensive and well-founded education with state-approved university-entrance diploma.
  • We teach Christian values ​​through the integration of faith and knowledge in the entire curriculum.
  • We promote the musical-creative field through instrumental lessons, school choir and orchestra, wind ensemble and bell choir. Since 2017, you can choose between the music branch and the branch of Art Education and Works.
  • We teach health principles that help to raise the quality of life and lead to helping other people with appropriate needs.
  • We offer multicultural learning and multilingualism - both in the classroom and abroad - through language travel to the USA/UK, to France and to Spain, and through participation in development aid projects abroad.

It is the goal of the Gymnasium Bogenhofen to awaken in every young man the desire to unfold his gifts and abilities at the highest possible level and to adopt with a positive attitude to the solution of the tasks which are now put through the education and later by life become.


  • With a total number of students of about 90, we can respond to the individual needs of the students and foster their talents and provide the necessary support.
  • We maintain an atmosphere of respect and appreciation in dealing with each other independently of color, gender, origin and religious affinity.
  • We accompany young people on their way to become independent and responsible personalities.
  • We help young people develop an independent faith in God based on the Bible as well as a Christian character.
  • We promote social competence and community through spiritual offers, sporting and musical activities, work projects and meaningful leisure activities.