Mission Statements

  • Bogenhofen Seminary
    “Bogenhofen Seminary is a Seventh-day Adventist institution that strives for Christian excellence in academics as well as for a comprehensive implementation of biblical values and beliefs in character formation.”
  • Theology
    “In inspiring a lifelong and life-changing pursuit of biblical truth, we prepare our students to proclaim the everlasting gospel in view of Christ’s soon return, forming an empowered ministry.”
  • School of Education
    “That Christ, as Master-Teacher, be the model of our faculty and the inspiration of our students, empowering them to develop the physical, mental, and spiritual qualities of their pupils for service in this life and in the world to come.”
  • Language School
    “Inspiring and transforming students from around the globe in the discovery of the German language and its rich cultures within a Christ-centered context.”
  • Academy
    “It is our mission to lead our students by serving them through teaching, model, and example, to personal and academic maturity, to independent thinking and a personal relationship with their Creator – thereby preparing them for selfless service to God and fellowmen.”