Language institute

Since 1951, the DAF Department of the Theological Institute has been a major part of the educational offer at the Bogenhofen Seminar and since then has been teaching international students in the subject "German as a Foreign Language".

The German language is taught:

  • in a yearly course (3 trimester à 11 weeks from mid-September to early June)
  • in a summer course (6 weeks from mid-June to end of July)

For European students the study expectations are

  • to be better for a professional activity, e.g. Interpreters, to qualify
  • to acquire the prerequisites for studying in Austria, Switzerland or Germany
  • meet the requirements for a visa application if they wish to study or live in German-speaking countries (ÖSD Sprachdiplom)

American students - both beginners and advanced - can study one year of German,

  • to obtain a university degree in German as a main or secondary course
  • to meet the requirements for the acquisition of various doctoral theses
  • to better prepare for their professional careers

German as a foreign language is an officially recognized part of the ACA program and a member of Linguae pro Adventu, a consortium of all Adventist language institutes in Europe. In order for American universities to recognize their studies, an application must be submitted to ACA before the course begins.


The department "German as a Foreign Language" of the Institute of Linguistics at the Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen wants to enable the students to learn the German language and culture in a Christian environment. Our courses are designed to provide the students with the necessary knowledge Europeans. "Culture and literacy courses are designed to enable students to master the interaction with people and to read and interpret German texts.