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Go Munich!

16 students from 6 countries took part in our summer program from June 16 to July 24. Besides classes on two different levels we offered many exciting cultural trips and excursions to selected places of interest in Austria and Germany. Here you’ll find some reports written by students.

"On a rather cold, dark morning we rode the train to München (Munich) in Germany. We walked up the steps from the underground station to find ourselves in the middle of an immense square. We took awhile to soak in all the sights then we started our exploration of the old town with a stop at the Theatiner church. It was very breathtaking in all the detail of the sculptures. We continued with a leisurely walk through a castle residence with several group photos at a beautiful fountain. After this we arrived in the town center for the Glockenspiel, a series of figures that dance and move by clock work when the bells ring at 12:00. Finally the bells rang and the figures danced and everybody enjoyed the show despite the rain that had begun to fall. We then broke up into two groups. The smaller group continued on to the German museum and saw many exhibits on many different subjects and would eventually head home earlier. The other main group continued on to the BMW factory where many exhibits displayed the history of BMW cars. There were many pictures to be taken and many cars to be drooled over.
We continued on to the Olympia-tower, a massive spike that looks over all of Munich. A huge elevator took us up to an astounding 360 degree view all around Munich. We also enjoyed a mini rock museum that had lots of memorabilia and pictures of groups and singers of years gone by. It was a gorgeous view but a little hazy to see. On the outside observation deck there was a cold breeze that had us returning to the main level where it was much warmer. After lots of pictures we headed back down and continued to the Olympia mall where we spent a good time shopping and exploring. We arrived home around 10:45 tired and ready to go to bed."


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