Bild zum Weblog The beautiful Austrian Alps

The beautiful Austrian Alps

16 students from 6 countries took part in our summer program from June 16 to July 24. Besides classes on two different levels we offered many exciting cultural trips and excursions to selected places of interest in Austria and Germany. Here you’ll find some reports written by students.

"The first Sunday of our stay at Bogenhofen we traveled into the Alps to visit the salt mine in Hallein and the castle in Hohenwerfen. We first drove to Hallein and went to the salt mine. We had to dress up in these protective white suits that had us laughing and taking photos. We headed into the darkness on a small train that took us deep into the mountain. It changed almost immediately from hot to very cold inside. We toured through the different levels and used the traditional transportation of a wooden slide. It got you from one level to another very quickly. We even went from Austria to Germany underground. We then came out to the sunlight again and headed to the historical Celtic village close by and had lunch. We continued on from there to the Castle at Hohenwerfen were we first took the tour and saw all the different chambers. Then we saw a beautiful falcon show that showed all different kinds of birds with a huge mountain in the background. After that we saw a show in the main courtyard that included a fake fight and some humorous, fake acting. We then headed back down to the parking lot and went back home."

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