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Music's in the air

I have heard quite a few organs since coming to Europe. Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve only heard three but the one aspect of the listening experience that I never associated with live organ music is surround sound.

There I was, quietly sitting in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Passau, Germany, peacefully listening to the melodious strains emanating from the lofty pipes above me. Suddenly the intensity of the music began to grow and an explosion of sound was suddenly heard from all sides. I was caught up in the moment of ecstasy. As I sat bolt upright in my seat gazing at the imagery that was on the walls and ceiling of the cathedral I suddenly knew the meaning of the words, the fear of God.
If my expertise in all things organ has taught me anything, it’s that no matter how impressively the organ is built it can still be difficult to sonically fill a cathedral. Yet the Passau Cathedral Organ did just that. So much so that as I walked through the streets of Passau I could still hear strains of the organ in the air. Or perhaps it was just the ringing in my ears, whatever the case may be: music filled the streets of Passau. From the saxophone and guitar duo playing film tunes to the man dressed all in silver whistling at random moments, walking the streets of Passau was like being in a scene from a movie. The stores were plentiful, the prices were close to right, and the pigeons made their usual appearance. Want to literally be blown away by good music? Visit Passau.

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