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Ausflug nach Burghausen

Ein weiterer geschichtsträchtiger, diesmal aber kürzerer, Ausflug führte unsere Sprachschulstudenten und -studentinnen am 11. Oktober in die Stadt mit der längsten Burg Europas (1.043 m).

Hier ein Bericht von Andrea Schroer:

The Language School (DAF) went to Burghausen on October 11. Fog took presence until noon but the view afterwards was beautiful. Not only did we see museums, but also had the chance to eat some real Bavarian food. Deutsch 1 was learning how to order food that week so they got a chance to put that into practice. Deutsch 2 started their lesson on international food the following week.

  1. View from afar
  2. Getting ready to order
  3. Becka getting ready to eat Putenschnitzel
  4. Alison enjoying Käsespätzle
  5. Calvin enjoying Cup Dänemark
  6. Wow, a library?
  7. Tea with jam and bread (sound of music)
  8. Andrew and his sheep
  9. Yes ... we are tourists
  10. Pose
  11. Jonathan in a Chris sandwich
  12. Calvin, Rafael and Aurèle
  13. DAF
  14. DAF again


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