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The experience of a lifetime

Some moments in life are unforgettable. When our class first heard of the trip to Vienna the whole room filled with excitement, and almost everyone started to talk about what they were going to do when they reached the famous city...

The morning finally came to leave and everybody was ready to experience a place they only read about in history class. Most people in America are used to commuting to places by car, but we were on trains for about 3 and half hours. One thing we kept saying to one another was how clean the train system was, not one of the cabin cars was dirty. Finally we arrived in Vienna. Now the next step was to find the youth hostel that we were staying at. We followed our sponsor a couple blocks from where the train station was. As soon as we were checked in the city was ours. Our first stop was to visit Stephansdom, a cathedral that towered over the city. From there we went to parliament and learned how their political system worked. The building itself was a beautiful piece of architecture with four statues of men taming wild horses out front. Maybe they mean to tell the politicians to watch their tempers as they enter this building and that it was no place to lose one’s temper. At night the city came to life in a wonderful show of lights and busy people. We got to share a night with the people by going to a ballet called “Onegin”, which was a story of unrequited love, a timeless classic and one that we as class could not stop raving about. We were all very sad when we had to go back but we knew that this was an experience of a lifetime.

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